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Global Textile Technology And Engineering Show – 2019

Regulations & Guidelines

The Exhibition organizer/Exhibition authority India ITME Society referred to for brevity as the “Exhibition Authority”. The Exhibition Authority will carry out its responsibilities and obligations through its Chief Executive Officer viz. Executive Director and Office-Bearers with the support of the Steering Committee and Sub-Committees and other authorized representatives.

The Exhibition Authority is vested with full authority to enforce all regulations pertaining to the Exhibition. Its decision will be final and binding in all respects and for all concerned.

All communications regarding GTTES – 2019 should be sent at the following address:

The Executive Director
India ITME Society

Fax: 0091-22-22851578
E-mail: gttes@india-itme.com, itme@india-itme.com

India ITME Society and its achieves are supported by

  1. Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (India) [TMMA(I)]
  2. Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ITAMMA)
  3. Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI)
  4. Textile Association (India) (TAI)
  5. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) (Government of India)

The 2nd Global Textile Technology and Engineering Show 2019 of Machinery for Weaving, Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding, Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Drying, Finishing & Makeup Machinery, Printing, Digital Printing, Garment, Nonwovens & Technical Textiles, information on Dyestuff & Chemicals products, Spare parts & Components, related above categories Lab Equipments. Textile Parks aims at bringing face to face under one roof buyers and sellers in a creative platform for mutual advantage and commercial interaction. The Exhibition is a vehicle to put on Show the most up-to-date products and services to a specialized and invited audience to benefit the order books of the exhibitors. Thus in GTTES -2019 the exhibitors will endeavor:

  • To exhibit and give live demonstration of state-of-the-art and new machinery, ancillary and auxiliary equipment and accessories required by textile mills, powerlooms, knitting, hosiery, embroidery, braiding and garment units for the manufacture or processing of yarn and/or fibres up to the fabric forming processes, for the weaving of fabrics, for the manufacture of nonwovens, for fabricating garments etc.
  • To display new technology machinery, equipment, supplies and services required by Textile Mills, Powerlooms, Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding and Garment units / Digital Printing/Finishing processes.
  • To promote and stimulate general awareness and demand for new machinery, equipment and processes designed for more efficient textile operations.
  • To demonstrate high speed, high productivity machinery and equipment which improves quality of products and finishes for broadening consumer demand at home and abroad.
  • To illustrate to mill executives, technicians, textile professionals and students the progress of research and development in the field of textile manufacture.
  • To project the expertise, capabilities and achievements of the Indian and International machinery manufacturers to the Weaving, Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding, Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Drying, Finishing & Makeup Machinery, Garment, Printing, Digital Printing, Nonwovens & Technical Textiles, information on Dyestuff & Chemicals products, Spares part & Components , accessories, related above categories Lab Equipments, Texile Parks etc.
  • To highlight the vast market in India and overseas countries for advanced Weaving, Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding and Garment units Printing, Digital Printing, Finishing Processes, Spare parts & Components, related above categories, Lab Equipments Textile Parks.
  • To explore the vast business opportunities arising from India’s liberalized economic policy aimed at global integration.
  • To explore the futuristic potential for growth of the textile engineering industry at the current millennium.


GTTES – 2019 will be held from Friday, 18th January to Sunday 20th January, 2019 (Both days inclusive)


Exhibition will remain open from 09:00 to 17.00 hours on 1st, & 2nd. Day & from 09.00 am to 17.00 hours on the 3rd day. Exhibitors will be allowed to enter the exhibition halls at 08.00 hours and leave the exhibition halls at19.00 hours during the First 2 days to service their stalls. Exhibitors who want to stay beyond closing time must obtain permission in advance from the organizer for security reasons. For the last day they can enter the exhibition halls at 08.00 hours & carry out the work of dismantling after the exhibition hours till 16.00 hours on 20th January 2019.

Trade and industry visitors, technologist, technical students, mill executives, workmen, government representatives, representatives of financial sector and other visitors are allowed entry on identity issued by the Exhibition Authority from 09.00 hours to 17.00 hours. Registration Shall close at 16.00 hours

Children/students below 18 years of age will not be permitted entry to the exhibition halls or exhibition area during setup days, show days & dismantling days under any circumstances; even if they are accompanied by exhibitor/parents/guardian.

Only the following newly manufactured products (not second hand machines) of textile machinery, components, accessories, parts and product groups listed in GTTES – 2019 “Index of Products” and pertaining to the exhibitors themselves are allowed to be displayed by the exhibitors Information stands are permitted only for chapters 7th of the ‘’Index of Products’’.


For details of exhibits visit website. http://gttes.india-itme.com/exhibitor/index_of_product

  1. For display of indigenous products

    1. Manufacturers of Textile Machinery, Spare parts & components, accessories, etc.
    2. Manufacturers of Knitting, Hosiery, Embroidery, Braiding Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Drying, Finishing & Makeup Machinery, Printing, Digital Printing, Garment, Machinery and Accessories.
    3. Manufacturers of woolen, silk and jute machinery.
    4. Manufacturers of textile stores, ancillary and auxiliary equipments.
    5. Research and Technical institutions and consultancy firms pertaining to textiles.
    6. Textile Parks
    7. Authorized agents and distributors of new textile machinery, allied supplies and services.
    8. Associations and organizations representing/relating to the textile machinery and allied industries.
    9. Government and semi-government organizations pertaining to textile engineering industry.
  2. For display of products made outside India

    1. Direct by Textile Machinery Manufacturers.
    2. Through Indian agents and collaborators
    3. Through representative textile machinery associations and/or Embassies and Trade Offices representing their countries in India.

The Exhibition Authority reserves the rights to limit/alter the space booking request.

The basic rent payable for stall space in Exhibition is as under :

  • Option 1 – Bare Space (18 sq. mtrs. or above)
  • Indian Exhibitors Rs. 8,500/- per sq. mtr.
  • Foreign Exhibitors US $ 270 /- per sq. mtr.
  • Option 2 – Shell Scheme (9 sq. mtrs. or above)
  • Indian Exhibitors Rs. 9,500/- per sq. mtr.
  • Foreign Exhibitors US $ 300/- per sq. mtr.

GST Tax (as per Government Rule) @ 18.00% is payable with all the payments and will not be refunded

7a. Security deposit

Beside the charges mentioned above, exhibitors need to pay a refundable security deposit to the organizers as per the table given below. These charges are payable with the application.

Area Indian Exhibitor Foreign Exhibitor
9 - 27 sq. mtr Rs.3000.00 US $ 50
28 - 54 sq. mtr Rs. 6000.00 US $ 100
55 - 108 sq. mtr Rs. 9000.00 US $ 150
109 - 180 sq. mtr Rs. 15000.00 US $ 250

Please note that the organizer will not confirm participation of the exhibitor, if 100% deposit not paid with the advance space rent of 25% on or before 30th April 2018.

Security deposit would be refunded to exhibitors approximately 60 working days after the end of the exhibition, provided all dues payable by the exhibitor to the organisers (including cost of damages caused by the exhibitor/authorized representatives of exhibitors, or damages/losses suffered by the organisers due to any act/omission of the exhibitor/agent) are cleared, and the exhibits have been removed from the exhibition grounds as per schedule. Exhibitors must submit the TDS (Income Tax) certificate (Only India Exhibitors) in original to claim the security deposit.


    1. INR Tariff- Eligibility:

      (I). Company/ firm of Indian origin registered & incorporated in India displaying products manufacture in India.

      (II). Company/ firm of foreign origin & their Indian Subsidiaries but having manufacturing facility in India. For this documentary evidences (GST Registration / Factory License) needs to be sent to ITME office.

    2. USD Tariff- Eligibility:

      (III). Foreign firm/ Organization- those company not registered or incorporated in India.

      (IV). Indian agent/ distributor of foreign companies displaying products not manufactured in India.

      If the Indian agent/ distributor of the foreign companies desire to pay on behalf of their principal, INR should pay based on the USD tariff. For Rupee conversion the exchanges rate will be considered to be the previous working day closing exchange rate as announced by Reserve bank of India (RBI) in their website. The link to RBI website is given for ready reference https://rbi.org.in/scripts/referenceratearchive.aspx

    3. The space rental includes the cost of supply of water. It does NOT include charges for electricity and compressed air connection, water connection, internet connection etc. for which separate tariffs are prescribed.
    4. The shell scheme package for a stall of 9 sq. mtrs. will include side and rear wall panels, synthetic carpet, fascia with company name, 1 reception counter, 2 chairs, 3 spotlights, 1 plug point 5A/230V, 1 waste paper basket. The shell scheme exhibitors are not required to pay electricity charges provided their electrical consumption is less than 1 kw for general lighting. They should order only their additional requirements, if any.

      List of furniture and fitting provided on the basis of the stall are under shell scheme
      9 1 0 2 3 1 1
      12 1 0 3 3 1 1
      15 1 0 3 4 1 1
      18 2 1 4 6 1 1
      27 3 1 6 9 2 1
      36 4 2 8 12 3 1
      45 5 2 10 15 3 1
      54 6 3 12 18 4 2
      72 6 3 12 21 4 2
  • The exhibitors will either opt for raw space and arrange for their own interior work or opt for the shell scheme offered by Exhibition Authority.
  • Goods & Service Tax (as per Government Rule) @ 18% is payable with all the payments and will not be refunded.
  • Any other taxes / levis no explicitly, specified in this document but as and when applied by the Government / appropriate authorities, shall be payable by the exhibitors. Such taxes/levies shall not be a reason for withdrawal by the exhibitors. Even if the exhibitor withdraws from exhibition citing such conditions, cancellations charges shall be applicable as per Regulation 14.
  • India ITME Society Pan Number : AAATI2855B
  • India ITME Society GST Tax Number : 27AAATI2855B1ZY

Exhibitors should pay for additional open sides. The charges for open sides are payable by exhibitors opting for Shell Scheme also.

Availability of two & three sides open for shell scheme booth/ bare space are limited & are allotted on the first - come - first –serve basis, to all exhibitors. Therefore, the organizer does not guarantee such facility to all exhibitors.

The following additional charges will be applied for stands with more than one side (subject to availability):

Space in Square Meters Open Sides
2 3
First 1-50 Square meters 20% 30%
Next 51-100 Square meters 10% 15%
Above 100 Square Meters upto 180 Square Metres 0% 0%

A stand of 180 square meters with 3 sides under bare space will be charged as follows:

First 1-50 Square meters x Rs. 8,500/- + 30% Rs 5,52,500/-
Next 51-100 Square meters x Rs. 8,500/- + 15% Rs 4,88,750/-
Over 101-180 Square meters x Rs. 8,500/- Rs.6,80,000/-
Total amount due: Rs.17,21,250/-


  1. If open sides are not allocated as per request of the exhibitors, then the additional charges paid by the exhibitors will be refunded as per actual allotment of the stall after deducting of GST.
  2. To suit the overall layout of the exhibition, if more open sides than requested for in the application form allocated, exhibitors would have to pay the cost of additional open sides allotted.

Double Storey Stalls

Double Storey Stalls are allowed for exhibitors with a minimum ground floor area of 90 sq. mtrs onwards. The upper storey of the space will be invoiced at 50% of the basic rental charge (i.e. Rs. 4250 - /- or US $ 135 /- per sq. mtr.) plus GST tax as per Government Rule @ 18% is applicable. The upper storey is not subject to open side restrictions. The area of upper storey should not exceed 25% of the area booked. The upper storey can be used only as a visitor hospitality lounge. Exhibit/display will not be permitted on the upper storey. Design for the double storey stall will be approved by ITME architect as per Do's and Don’ts, failure to do so, the area offered for double storey stalls will be cancelled and the amount paid for it will be refunded after deducting GST to exhibitors.

9.1 Early Bird Discounts – Exhibitors booking till 31st January 2018 are eligible for 10% early bird discounts provided the booking procedure is completed.

9.2 SSI Concession - Micro and Small Scale units which are members of either Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (TMMA) (India) or Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturer's Association (ITAMMA) are eligible for a concession of 10% on the space rental charges for upto 36sqmtr. only The applicants are required to submit/upload a membership certificate of TMMA /ITAMMA as well as their SSI registration certificate to avail the concession.


  • In case of SSI & Early bird combination a maximum discount that can be availed is 15% only for an area upto 36sqmtr. (Only National Exhibitor), stall above 36sqmtr. shall be eligible for early bird @7.5% in this case
  • Exhibitor booking through Agents can not avail SSI discounts.

9.3 NSIC Funds – In GTTES 2019 NSIC discounts are available for Indian Exhibitors who are member of NSIC. For details visit - http://gttes.india-itme.com/pdfs/nsic%20doc%20for%20website.pdf

For Participation in GTTES 2019, interested SME exhibitors have to complete booking & payment as per the norms and given deadline. Once we receive NSIC payment on behalf of exhibitor, the same shall be refunded to the exhibitor.

Important Notes for Discount

  1. All discounts & subsidy scheme will be available only upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria
  2. Discounts shall be reflected in the 2nd installment proforma
  3. Above mentioned discounts are only for individual exhibitor & applicant who meet the criteria.
  4. Multiple Discounts cannot be clubbed together.
  5. In case of increase of space after the discount scheme date is expired. That discounts shall not be applicable.

Application for booking of space at the Exhibition should be made in the prescribed form by Online Booking .

The deadline for application forms of Indian & foreign exhibitors must be received by the Exhibition Authority on or before 30.04.2018. The allocation of the stalls will be on the basis of first come first serve.

Applications which are completed and accompanied by the appropriate remittance will be considered.

There is no legal right of participation accruing to anybody. The Exhibition Authority in its sole discretion may deny participation to any applicant without disclosing any reason thereof.

The advance amount paid will be refunded if the application is rejected by the Exhibition Authority. However, cancellation by the exhibitor would be subject to Rule & Regulation No.14. the advance amount / refundable amount will be paid after deducting GST, which may be noted please.

Subletting or transferring of stall space to a third party is forbidden. Exhibitors will not be allowed to display products which are not included in the application forms submitted to the Exhibition Authority. Permission of the Exhibition Authority must be obtained to alter or make additions to the exhibits list.

The minimum area to be booked for a bare space is 18 sq. mtrs stall (6m X 3m) and Shell Scheme is 9 sq. mtrs (3mx3m) upto 180 sq.mtr. (For Individual Exhibitor) This is applicable to all exhibitors/co-exhibitors who are participating through their Indian agents/distributors. Larger stalls will be allocated in additional of 3 mtrs. in both ways as per requirements of exhibitors.

Fraction of sq. meter, if any will be rounded of to the nearest higher full sq. meter for the purpose of calculating rent. If the area allotted by the Exhibition Authority varies from the area applied for, to suit the requirements of overall layout of the Exhibition, the exhibitors will be liable to pay rent for the area actually allotted.

Taking into account the large number of visitors for GTTES -2019, exhibitors should leave a minimum of 30 per cent of the area of the stall, free for the movement of visitors to avoid congestion. Exhibitors are advised to bear this factor in mind while booking the space requirement.

Payments are to be made either in demand drafts or cheques drawn on any bank payable in Mumbai in favour of India ITME Society – GTTES or through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)/ NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) as per details given under Item No. 6 in Application Form

The foreign participants can remit by Swift Transfer as per details given under Item No. 7 in Application From

Bank charges will be borne by the Exhibitors

The payment schedule for space booking will be as follows:

For Indian and Overseas Exhibitors

  1. The advance space rent payable @ 25% of the total rental cost at the prescribed rate per sq. mtr. plus 100% security deposit as applicable under Regulations no. 7a to confirm participation with the application form on or before 30 th April 2018, since the allocation of the stalls will be on the basis of first - come first - serve basis
  2. Full & Final space rent payable (75%) by 30th September 2018
  3. No exhibitor will be allowed to bring in the exhibits into the exhibition ground if there is any balance payment due to the Exhibition Authority either towards space rentals/ Power / compressed air/ water connection/or in any other nature. The receipt date of the payment will be considered of the date of actual realization /credit of amount in GTTES A/c.

Subject to availability of rental space, late applications from exhibitors, Indian and foreign, will be entertained by the Exhibition Authority. The Exhibitors are sending the late applications are required to apply in the prescribed forms on before 30.06.2018. Together with the prescribed full rate of space rental and additional surcharge @ 25% of the space rental. The exhibitors in that case have to pay 100% space rentals along with the security deposit with the application forms. Allotment of space or rejection of such late applications will be at the absolute discretion of the Exhibition Authority the date of late application will be considered from 01.05.2018 on words.

Once the Exhibition Authority receives the applications for space booking, cancellation of participation or reduction in space requirements by exhibitors will be subject to the following charges to be paid/adjusted against advance amounts received from the exhibitors.

  • Before 01.07.2018 : 50 % of the amount due/ paid till date whichever is higher.
  • On or after 01.09.2018 : 100 % of the amount due/ paid till date whichever is higher.

The date on which written communication conveying cancellation or reduction of stall space is received by the Exhibition Authority will be considered as the effective date for determining the cancellation charges.

Allocation of the position and dimensions of the stalls will be decided by the Exhibition Authority. Allocation of stalls is on first -come -first - serve basis, as per the payment schedule mentioned in Regulation 12. It is to be appreciated that the Exhibition Authority will try their best to accommodate choices of exhibitors to the extent possible.

The Exhibition Authority reserves the right to re-allocate the space allotted to the exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the Exhibition, should exceptional circumstances warrant such change to the location, size and dimensions of the stall. The Exhibition Authority further reserves the right to transfer or close entrances and exits of the exhibition halls and/or removes any of the proposed amenities and undertakes any structural alterations. Such re-allocations will be at the absolute discretion of the Exhibition Authority and the exhibitors shall have no claim for compensation as a result of the re-allocation as above.

There are pillars/electric panels etc. in the Exhibition Halls. The space occupied by them forms an integral part of the stall space allocated and sold. However, if the total pillar/electric panel area exceeds 1 sq. mtr., charges for space occupied will be refunded to exhibitors.

The exhibitor must confine their exhibits within the area allocated to them. No encroachment on corridors, free space or other facilities provided by organizer will be permitted. Each exhibitor shall follow the center of the markings on the floor for the common sides and outside age for open sides

To control excessive noise in the halls, exhibitors are requested to adhere the timing in live demonstration of the machines in their stalls, in the interest of conservation of energy, orderliness & uniformity. The schedule for live demonstration from on all the days of the exhibition from 18th January, 2019 Is given below

09.00 a.m. to 09.20 a.m.

1st Demonstration

10.00 a.m. to 10.20 a.m.

2nd Demonstration

11.00 noon to 11.20 noon

3rd Demonstration

12.00 hours to 12.20 hours

4th Demonstration

13.00 hours to 13.20 hours

5th Demonstration

14.00 hours to 14.20 hours

6th Demonstration

15.00 hours to 15.20 hours

7th Demonstration

16.00 hours to 16.20 hours

8th Demonstration

Note: The timing on the last date will be considered up to 6th demonstration.

The exhibitor is required to exhibit the approved goods and to man the stall with competent personnel during the hours of the Exhibition.

The exhibitor will be liable for any damage to walls, floors, columns or any other part of the building structures in which the exhibits are housed.

The tariff for electric power will be as under:

Connection /Consumption charges for power supply to the exhibitor will be

Except for basic lighting provided by the Exhibition Authority, all decorations, furnishings, fittings, display, stand lighting etc. will have to be carried out and procured by the exhibitor under bare space.

  1. For Indian exhibitors: Rs. 4,500 /- per K.W. of connected load including lighting and air conditioning load.
  2. For Foreign exhibitors: US $ 85 /- per K.W. of connected load including lighting and air conditioning load.
  1. Electric power supply is available in the exhibition halls as under:
    • A.C. 3 Phase : 415 volts + 10%
    • A.C. 1 Phase : 220 volts + 10% Frequency : 50 Hz + 30% No. D.C supply is available.
  2. Connections and requirements will be authorised by the Exhibition Authority after prescribed charges are received latest by 31st10.2018.
  3. All participants should note that 1 KW supply/outlet will be compulsory in every single stall as a facility for lighting/fans etc. Power supply above 3 k.w , which is 3 phase in nature, may be noted please. If the connected load to a stall holder goes above 150 KW, the Exhibition Authority will provide two power outlets with Earthing.
  4. Each individual stallholder will be responsible to get the wiring done inside the stall at his own cost for wiring of the machines, air-conditioners, lights and other electrical equipments and connect the wires into the power outlets in the stall. This work should be got done by a licensed electrical contractor.
  5. To ensure safety of stall personnel and visitors there should be no loose wiring or hanging wiring. All wiring must be carried out in PVC, Elastomeric or other plastic sheathed cables. No exposed cable joints are permitted.
  6. The main electrical supply point must be kept easily accessible for operation and repairs in the case of emergency. These should not be concealed or covered with any partition wall/stored material. In case of emergencies these should be easily accessible for switching off.
  7. Exhibitors are advised to install equipment like Voltage Stabilizers /UPS for their sophisticated machines/exhibits. If the machines are sensitive to the floor alignment, placement of steel plates underneath is recommended.

The following electrical guidelines are to be strictly followed by the electrical contractor engaged by participants :

  • Shall use PVC insulated 1100 V insulated of copper wire.
  • For lighting circuit the wire shall be 3x2.5sq.mm copper wire. For 16A power point 3x4sq.mm PVC insulated wire shall be used
  • Wire shall be run in a safe manner through conduit or casing capping. No wire shall hang loose and joining between the wires is not permissible.
  • Wire shall be terminated using crimping lugs.
  • Entire installation shall be done in a safe manner,
  • The load connected to power point shall be suitable for the desired socket.

It is mandatory to use only ISI mark material for doing the electrical installation.

  1. Water inlet connection

    There is no drainage facility provided for water in the exhibition halls. Hence exhibitors will be required to make special arrangements to collect and dispose of water. Exhibitors may seem assistance from the official conversancy agency for this purpose. Water will be provided to exhibitors free of charge. Water inlet connection will be provided to exhibitors who specifically apply at the flowing charges & are payable in full by 31.10.2018. The requirement should be mentioned in the application form accordingly.

    1. For Indian exhibitors
      Rs. 12000 /- per inlet connection
      Rs. 12000 /- per outlet (drainage) connection

    2. For Foreign exhibitors
      US. Dollar 195 /- per inlet connection
      US. Dollar 195/- per outlet (drainage) connection

    Plus GST Tax @ 18% (as per Government rule) or as applicable is payable with all the payments will not be refunded.

    Water will be provided for pantry purpose only and not for processing & Machinery.

    For drainage purpose we will provide tank with pump & 3/4"dia. pipe for the drain purpose inside stall The sink and dish washing waste water will be collect in one tank given capacity 175 Liter (size L = 36" ; W = 18" ; H = 18") Size of tank in meter L = 0.90 ; W = 0.45 ; H = 0.45

  2. Compressed Air

    A maximum pressure of 7 bar would be made available during the exhibition through ½ inch ball valve. Exhibitors must specify the volume of compressed air required by their exhibits. However, exhibitors who wish to require pressure more than 7 bar, subject to the confirmation from official agency appointed by INDIA ITME Society at an additional cost, if facility is provided.

    Compressed air will be provided to exhibitors, who specifically apply at the following charges & are payable in full by 31.10.2018. The requirement should be mentioned in the application form accordingly.
    For Indian exhibitors

    • Rs. 22000 /- per connection up to 7 Bar pressure
    • Rs. 30000 /- per connection from 8 Bar pressure

    Plus GST Tax @ 18% ( as per Government rule ) or as applicable is payable with all the payments will not be refunded

    For Foreign exhibitors.

    • US Dollar 340 /- per connection up to 7 Bar pressure
    • US Dollar 485 /- per connection from 8 Bar pressure

    Plus GST Tax @ 18% ( as per Government rule) or as applicable is payable with all the payments will not be refunded.

  3. Access to Internet

    Internet connections in the stalls will be provided as per specific request of participants.

    The tariff for the same will be informed to the exhibitor at a later date. The exhibitor may indicate their requirement in the application form.

    GST Tax (as per Government Rule) @ 18% (or as applicable) is payable with all the payments will not be refunded.